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My Little Book of Colors

My Little Book of ColorsTurn the wheel and lift the flaps - learning about colors is fun!

By Mathew Price and Emily Bolam
Hardcover: $7.99

Turn the wheels and lift the flaps and learn about Colors through play.

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Pound Dog and Frog

Pound Dog and FrogFall 2010

By Rowley Carter and Moira Kemp
Hardcover: $12.95

Friendships come in many different forms. This charmingly illustrated, simple tale takes a powerful message of tolerance - and tailors it to a child’s unique needs and level of understanding. The two friends could not be more different but the friendship is real.

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Teeny Tiny Tales for Toddlers

Teeny Tiny Tales for ToddlersFall 2010

By Sarah Hayes and Sarah Garson
Hardcover: $16.95

Five simple stories, just the right length for bedtime reading, just right for two to five year olds.

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