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Teeny Tiny Tales for Toddlers

Teeny Tiny Tales for ToddlersFall 2010

By Sarah Hayes and Sarah Garson
Hardcover: $16.95

Five simple stories, just the right length for bedtime reading, just right for two to five year olds.

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The Elves’ First Christmas

The Elves’ First ChristmasFall 2010

By Atsuko Morozumi
Hardcover: $16.95

Driven from their forest by loggers, a band of elves wander in search of a home until - drawn by the light of a snug little farm - they meet a man named Santa Claus. An enchanting story brought to life in exquisite detail by celebrated artist Atsuko Morozumi, from the haunting, inhospitable forest, to the warmth of Santa's workshop, Morozumi creates a magical world that's easy for children to become lost in. This luminous Christmas tale is sure to become a holiday favorite.

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Buddy and the Rabbits

Buddy and the RabbitsFall 2010

Board Book: $16.95

A sturdy, interactive picture book with pull-the-tab storytelling.

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