Sneak Peek: The Elves' First Christmas

The Elves' First Christmas: Cover

What are the elves to do? Men have come to the forest, and now the elves have no place to live. A Christmas tale with a rollicking ending, THE ELVES' FIRST CHRISTMAS is the charming story of how the elves first met Santa Claus.

Morozumi's enchanting story narrates the elves' excursion through the forest. Readers follow the long journey, brimming with busy elves and lush colors, until one day snow begins to fall thick and heavy and the elves must rest. Drawn by the lights of a snug little farm, the elves fall asleep in the barn, hidden by soft hay, and awake to find a man named Santa Claus. The elves stay with Santa and Mrs. Claus through the long hard winter and by the time spring comes, it is agreed: they will stay.

This Christmas story is brought to life with the luminous artwork of Atsuko Morozumi, whose book One Gorilla was an ABA "Pick of the List" and a New York Times Best Illustrated Book. From the dark, haunting forest, to the old-fashioned warmth of Santa's workshop, Morozumi combines a careful eye for color and generous use of imaginative detail to create a magical world that's easy for children to become lost in.

As the elves settle into to their new home, they strike a bargain with Santa Claus. But, it appears, Santa has a gift for them too. Morozumi's simple story and masterful illustrations lead us to a joyful resolution, and a celebration of color and detail. This luminous Christmas tale is sure to become a holiday favorite.

Atsuko Morozumi whose book One Gorilla was an ABA "Pick of the List" and a New York Times Best Illustrated book, is the author of Reindeer Christmas (Harcourt) hailed by Booklist as "A definite yes for the holiday shelf" and has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.