About Mathew Price

Some of our loveable characters

Mathew Price Limited is proud to welcome you to its publishing venture, which brings his pioneering books - popular for many years in the UK and available in the United States through Knopf, Scholastic, and Harcourt - to America with the launch of Price's own U.S.-based house. This lovingly-chosen list builds on Mathew Price's years of experience as a parent, a children's bookseller, and as the originator of many popular children's titles.

Mathew Price invites you to share in the wonders of reading. Price's theory of "education through delight" shines through in this special catalogue. Working closely with parents and children over the years, Price has developed a style that lends special attention to the youngest readers, helping them to learn language through interactive reading with their families. Each page of each book is designed to move the reader on to the next idea, creating a sense of suspense, with glimpses of the next page showing through. Using beautiful artwork, stimulating ideas, and a sense of play, Price's books gather the child into the learning process, heightening interaction and turning reading into a thrilling process of discovery.

With innovative ideas, joyous stories, and stunning artwork, Mathew Price's publications for children aim to set even the youngest of readers on the path to a lifetime love of reading. We hope you'll enjoy the exceptional titles presented in this catalogue.